We specialize in increasing the effectiveness of your organization and improving your bottom line results. The following are available as consulting services, presentations, and workshops.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence is the KEY that distinguishes GREAT leaders
  • Discover the profound impact of emotional intelligence
  • Leverage emotional intelligence to boost leadership capabilities
  • Improve business results


  • Resolve conflicts with proven tools for handling challenging conversations
  • Create individual ownership for effective communications
  • Develop effective interpersonal and departmental communication strategies
  • Increase effectiveness through knowledge of communication templates

Strategic Planning

  • Optimize resources - employees, time, money
  • Determine key organizational strategies and initiatives
  • Identify business group roles in achieving company vision
  • Clarify individual and team responsibilities in meeting strategic objectives and assess the impacts on the organization

Values Alignment

  • Provide guidelines for true empowerment
  • Enable employees to make consistently ethical, effective decisions
  • Release the bonds of organizational congestion
  • Enhance synergy, creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • Leverage intellectual capital

Executive Coaching

  • Increase success with pinpoint development solutions
  • Boost effectiveness through personalized focus
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness using the Development Report Card

Accelerating Change

  • Overcome complacency, the "death knell" of change
  • Mitigate change barriers
  • Gain enthusiastic commitment for change
  • Increase efficiency of change for faster bottom-line impact
  • Personalize change to each level of the organization

Team Building

  • Increase synergy and respect among team members
  • Improve communication across lines of business
  • Improve listening skills
  • Heighten collaboration and idea sharing

Management Retreats

  • Revitalize and recharge leaders
  • Explore strategic issues - vision, mission, values, strategy, key initiatives, available resources
  • Enhance working relationships


  • Increase synergy and respect among team members
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Leverage diverse workforce for competitive advantage

Keynote Presentation Topics

  • Communication Under FireTM - How to Talk When Things Heat Up
  • Emotional Intelligence: You're Not Just A Brain For HireTM
  • Critical Thinking
  • Brain Power: How to Understand It, Use It, Leverage It
  • Thinking Styles And Preferences: Are You Wired For Success?
  • Ideas: Your Passport To The Future
  • Values: The Key To Employee Fulfillment And Bottom Line Results
  • Presentation Skills

Assessments and Tools

  • 360 Surveys
  • EQ-i - Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Emergenetics - Brain Dominance Assessment
  • Cultural Transformation Tools - Organizational Culture Assessment and Alignment
  • Communication Under Fire TM- Communication Style Assessment
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