Book - Communication Under Fire

Communication Under Fire®

Effective Communication is a Choice! Choose to Improve Your Success and Enhance Your Relationships!

Communication Under Fire

  • Explains why communication is difficult in tough situations
  • Provides a model of what to do to improve effectiveness in every situation
  • Delivers simple and compelling tools that show how to do it right

You will be able to:

  • Avoid the six factors that derail conversations
  • Use the one style that hits a home run every time
  • Handle the three styles that kill discussion
  • Harness the five principles of impactful communication
  • Apply the five tools to handle thorny situations
  • Make the four commitments to radically improve your effectiveness
  • Resist the hot buttons that get you off track

The streamlined format delivers easy-to-use tools you can use today!

Praise for Communication Under Fire

"Rich, Dense, Practical -- L. Bonita Patterson's newest book is filled with valuable worksheets, tools and thought-provoking ideas to encourage the reader to immerse in the Communication Under Fire (CUF) process. The worksheets are particularly useful. They are constructed so you dig deeply into your own communication process to explore how your feelings often dictate what you say. CUF is an active, engaging book that is sure to make a difference to the reader who works it through. I highly recommend it!"
Charlotte S. Waisman, Ph.D. , Author Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America

"L. Bonita Patterson's Communication Under Fire is a great way to enhance the communication process in your organization or family. The tips are 'right on' and the worksheets help give you the insight you need to communicate when it is most critical. As a CEO I highly recommend everyone experience Communication Under Fire, you'll be glad you did."
Jim Burr, SPHR CFI , President/CEO, Western Air Enterprises

"Communication Under Fire is refreshing, insightful, and a must for personal and professional growth. It shares the tools and principles that will enhance your leadership skills make a difference in your life.

This book has given me a new way of analyzing effective communication. It held my interest and left me excited about using new skills and techniques to communicate more effectively with coworkers, friends, and family."
Denise Meekins McBride , First Vice President, Community Economic Development, SunTrust Bank

"L. Bonita Patterson is one of those rare individuals who put into practice her beliefs and she has poured out her long-standing, yet proven, knowledge in the pages of this manual. She shares her unique approach to challenging communications and has organized it into a practical, step-by-step format that you can use right away. It is 'must have' for every individual who wants to improve their relationships - whether at work or at home."
Karen Armon , Founder and Creator of the MarketOne Executive

"The problem I have had with books about improving my communications is that they have, at least for me, usually failed to communicate clearly how to do so. They have been heavy on theory and light on practice. L. Bonita Patterson's Communication Under Fire describes clearly and concisely how one might go about communicating more effectively when things might easily go awry. She draws upon the work of Goleman and others while providing her own unique flavor, which is obviously grounded in her observations and experience helping others to become more effective communicators.

Bonita provides a model of communications styles and asks us to look at ourselves while we develop a better understanding of the communications styles of those we live and work with. She helps us understand why we communicate as ineffectively as we often do, while our intention is just the opposite, describes the early warning signals of an impending communications disaster, and provides practical tools to improve our effectiveness.

The exercises and worksheets make reading Communication Under Fire more like a classroom experience than a text, increasing the likelihood that some of the material will actually influence our communications skills and abilities. I recommend L. Bonita Patterson's new book as a valuable addition to the literature on communicating more effectively."
Kenneth J. Lamport , Human Resource Business Partner, Seagate Technology

"Communication Under Fire presents challenging concepts in an understandable and easy-to-read style. The intuitive activities will help readers become aware of their hot buttons and alarms, to know how to communicate effectively in challenging situations. These tools can be applied both at work and at home to help build strong relationships."
Christine E Homer, SPHR , Sr. Director, Organization Development, Time Warner Cable

"Communication Under Fire gets to the heart of communicating effectively. The streamlined format delivers information and tools in a concise and compelling way that makes it easy to read and put to use. It prepares you to handle CUF (tough) conversations successfully."
Kim Sharp , Vice President, Diversity, HCA (Hospital Corporation of America)

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