Communication Under Fire ® - How To Talk When Things Heat Up

DARE TO DREAM: Imagine you work in an organization where individuals...

  • Share what's on their minds respectfully and clearly, while strengthening relationships
  • Hear what others are saying - even when others have difficult messages to communicate
  • Speak from fact, not emotion
  • Collaborate with team members to accomplish mutual objectives
  • Engage freely in productive conversations

Communication Under Fire creates this reality. It helps you radically improve your interactions and relationships at work and beyond.

Communication is a human imperative. It is how we connect with others. People with higher level communication skills handle stress better and are more adaptable to changing conditions in the workplace and at home. Effective communication capabilities dramatically improve personal and business success.

Amazing changes spread like wildfire!

Anyone can communicate well when it is easy and nothing is at stake. True communicators are effective no matter what the stakes, or how high the pressure, because they have mastered Communication Under Fire!

Mastering the principles of Communication Under Fire helps you enhance:

  • Satisfaction
  • Creativity
  • Relationships (Teamwork)
  • Productivity

Communication Under Fire tools help your organization increase:

  • Morale
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration (Teamwork)
  • Profitability
Five Principles of Communication Under Fire
  • Purpose - Have a clear and mutual purpose
  • Respect - Treat others in a respectful manner
  • Inclusion - Include the perspectives of others
  • Determination - Invest the time to make it right
  • Emotions - Modulate the emotions that drive counter-productive behavior
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